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Lea Valley Foods Ltd.

2 Westmoor Street, Charlton, Greenwich, London SE7 8NR

Call Now: 0208 293 4293

We presently can supply over 3500 product lines, which include frozen, chilled,ambient, grocery, drinks and a range of non-foods from  foils to cleaning and hygiene products, to a range of clients in the South of England.

Whether it be your local convenience store to schools, golf clubs, hotels, the care industry and many more.

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Tel: 0208 293 4293

Welcome to Lea Valley Foods

Chilled Foods

Fresh chilled quality produce, bacon, and sausages,and a range of  ready made meals.                   

General Foods

We can supply a range of canned, dried, packed products along with a select of vegetables lines.     

Frozen Foods

Our quality range re-in forces that frozen food does not have to compromise quality and taste.

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Product Categories

Lea Valley Foods Ltd

Delivering A High Quality Food Service

At Affordable Prices.

Call Now: 0208 293 4293

Office Opening Hours:

Mon: 07:00 - 17:00

Tue:  07:00 - 17:00

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Fri:    07:00 - 17:00

For Our Up To-date Product Range  & Offers, Please call: Tel: 0208 293 4293  or  email: sales@leavalleyfoods.co.uk


These products capture the client at the point of purchase thus increasing your profit margin.                      

Non Foods

Everything covered from laundry products to cutlery, plates and foils.



We have a wide range of dairy products, from milks to quality cheeses.                                

Office: Lea Valley Foods Ltd.

2 Westmoor Street,

Charlton, Greenwich,

London SE7 8NR

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